Master Mix BeadsSingle-Assay MM beads

Evik’s Single-Assay MM beads are our next generation of ambient-stable PCR master mix reagents. With proprietary stabilisation chemistry, these beads provide a simple and convenient approach to end-point PCR and qPCR. Our beads come ready-made with buffer, enzyme, MgCl 2 , and dNTP. Simply add your assay-specific primers and target with probe, if needed. We have a SYBR Green master mix available should this be your chemistry of choice. We have developed these assays to meet a range of PCR conditions with results that are comparable to wet assays.

Advantages of Lyophilized Reagents

The use of lyophilized or freeze-dried reagents has become popular in molecular assays for several reasons.

  • Convenient: Lyophilized reagents reduce the setup time of the assays.
  • Reliable: Single-assay beads reduce pipetting errors.
  • Cost-effective: Lyophilized beads do not require costly dry-ice shipping methods. Their ambient-temperature-stable quality reduces product waste from the short expiry dates of cold-stored products.
  • Reagent protective: Lyophilized reagents avoid the damaging effects of multiple freeze-thaw cycles.

Kit Contents, Packaging and Storage

Evik’s Single-Assay beads are placed in 8-strip PCR tubes. Each strip is then sealed in its own foil pouch. Each kit contains 8, 24 or 96 reactions. Beads support either 20 or 50 µL reactions. Kits are stored at room temperature. Packaging can be modified to meet your demands. We can also pre-dispense beads into multi- well plates for customers requiring specific plate formats.

Not what you are looking for?

Evik’s Single-Assay beads can be customized for specific assay targets. We can add your primers directly to our master mix formula. Should these formats or our bead formulation not suit your needs, please let us know. We look forward to working with you to find the right solutions to your needs.